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Thanks for checking out the Crow Corporation website.

Here, you will find a company with a long track record of success. We have been providing contract manufacturing services since 1962. Today we’re still going strong, and looking forward to the next 45 years. We’ve experienced tremendous growth since 2000 and have worked hard to accommodate, innovate, and provide valuable solutions for your project requirements. Whether we are serving architects, global engineering firms or niche businesses around the country, our capabilities are extensive and available to those who are serious about their projects. While it may be easy to claim such things, we have a history to back it up. Our facility and staff are some of the best in the business, and we encourage you to come see for yourself. If you’re ever in Houston, Texas (and lots of people seem to be), come by for a visit.

Crow Corporation remains a family-owned business. Customers are able to communicate with key employees and work with our staff to ensure your jobs are completed on time. If these things sound important to you, we may be a good fit as your supplier. If we fail to meet your expectations, I want to hear from you.


Keith Jennings
President and General Manager